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What is offsite construction?

Offsite construction involves assembling complete buildings using individual steel-framed modules that are built in a factory. The modules are fully fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes before they leave the factory. They are delivered to site by road and craned into position ready for the final installations.

What is a modular building?

Modular buildings are prefabricated buildings that consist of multiple sections called modules. Each module is completed in a factory based environment and then assembled together onsite either side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked. This process allows a variety of options for the modular buildings design and layout.

SmartBuild modular construction offers a wide range of bespoke modular builds – from the commercial office block to the home owner’s house extension.

What are the benefits of off-site construction?

Off-site construction creates quality-assured modular buildings that can be completed quickly and safely to meet tight deadlines. The simple installation process is safe, clean and unobtrusive, causing minimal disruption to the site and minimal environmental impact.

  • Faster– buildings can be completed up to 50% faster than using traditional site-based construction methods. This is because factory based construction reduces the amount of time spent onsite by 99%, weather conditions will not affect production and as SmartBuild’s are created to an exact specification therefore, it is uncommon for mistakes to occur.
  • Controlled environment– All modular buildings meet strict quality standards before leaving the factory.
  • Budget–  Pre-agreed plans and exacting specification significantly minimises the chance of overspend and keeping a project within a predetermined budget.
  • Temporary building– modular buildings can easily be expanded, reduced, reconfigured internally and even relocated.


Sip Panel Wall Construction

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building systems for residential and commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB).  SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. Building with SIPs will save you time, money and labour.

Cold Rolled Steeled Frame

Cold rolled steel is steel rolled at close to normal room temperatures. Because it is pliable, it is rolled into sheets or other shapes. Often described as ‘lightweight’, cold rolled steel is 75% lighter than but equal in strength to structural (hot rolled) steel, making it more economical to produce, transport and install. As such it is a great material to use for steel sheds, industrial buildings and commercial buildings. Cold Rolled Steel is cost effective, fast, durable, flexible and sustainable.

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