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Leisure Modular Buildings

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Leisure Modular Buildings (SmartBuild)

Leisure modular buildings offer:

  • Glamping pods
  • Garden Rooms
  • Gym
  • Holiday Homes
  • Static Caravans

SmartBuild’s provide a level of flexibility that permanent fixtures cannot offer. We can design your modular building to your exact specifications  and can be easily adjusted or relocated accordingly.

Our traditional style holiday cottage has all the modern conveniences of standard holiday homes but with a finish to suit any location. A fully transportable building that is ready to move into, and can be situated in places that a conventional home cannot. Whether you require additional space at the bottom of your garden or plan to relocate your sports club facilities and do not want the cost and time implications of a traditional style build, then SmartBuild is your only option.

Why choose a KES Group SmartBuild?

Have your say: Take pride in creating bespoke modular buildings specific to your individual’s needs.

Running costs: We put our time into each build, we want it to be the ultimate product, in terms of looks and performance. We only build the best.

Attention to detail: For our SmartBuild projects we use tried and tested modern methods of construction. We use materials of the future, such as SIP Panels which are proven to improve buildings performance.

On time, On Budget: Each of our modular buildings gets a build slot, this build slot is yours and ensures your building is delivered on time. Our project management experience and warm factory environment ensure there are no weather disruptions and our employed tradespeople ensure that we don’t wait for trades so you also don’t have to wait! The end result is a modular build on time and on budget.

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