Solar Panel Costs & Savings

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If you are browsing online for solar panel costs, savings and benefits there is a lot of information available online. With over 5,500 solar panel installations nationwide, we can provide you with specific costing information which you can see below.

How much do solar panels cost?

Solar PV Panel prices start from €1400 (Prices are site specific). If you would like to request a quote for solar panel installation contact us here.


How much will I save ?

Installing Solar Panels from KES Group can provide potential savings of 100% as you will generate your own electricity (see savings below).

Domestic Savings 

  • 4kWp System – Savings based on 100% consumption of Solar Generated Power estimated at €700
  • 6kWp System – Savings based on 100% consumption of Solar Generated Power estimated at €1050.00

Home owners can avail of the Home Renovation Scheme (HRI) which is administered through Revenue. This scheme allows 13.5% of the gross cost to be claimed back through tax credits.



Commercial Savings

  • 12kWp System base on 100%consumption of Solar Generated Power €1,850

*ACA is available to all commercial business owners

*TAMS II is available to Farmers, more specifically young Farmers and Pig & Poultry sectors find out more here.

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What is a Solar PV Panel?

Solar Photovoltaics is a technology in which daylight is converted into electrical power. Solar PV takes advantage of energy from the sun to create electricity that will operate any electrical appliances from the domestic to commercial sector.


Why choose Solar PV Panels

There are many advantages of installing solar panels in your home or business premises, we have listed some below.

  • You will reduce your carbon footprint
  • You will see huge savings on your energy bills
  • You can generate your own renewable and clean energy
  • You will improve your premises Building Energy Rating (BER)


Contact KES Group

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make huge annual savings, get in touch with us today about installing solar panels in your home or business premises. You can call us directly on  01 893417  or fill in our contact form here.