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Solar Panel Installation Company in Ireland

Are you looking for solar panels for your home or business premises?

Installing Solar PV panels from KES Group can provide potential savings of 100% as you will generate your own electricity.

With over 5,500 installations, KES Group have been at the forefront of the Solar PV industry from the very early days and we install solar panels for domestic, commercial and agricultural customers throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

To find out your actual savings , we are currently offering a free savings review.

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What are solar PV panels?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a technology whereby daylight is converted to electricity for use around the home or business. PV is not a new technology, but the advances in the materials and equipment over the last ten years have made current product offerings ultra-efficient and vitally available at a price point that makes Solar PV available to everyone.

What are the Solar Panel Savings?

We estimate that a 12kWp commercial system can generate 10,440kWh and a domestic 4kWp system 3,480kWh per annum, 100% of this is potential saving is available to the property owner if they are able to use the electricity when it is generated.
1 kWh is identical to 1 unit of electricity that is shown on your electricity bill.

Solar Panel Grants Ireland

For businesses the only current incentive is a Revenue Tax Incentive called Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) See link
For pig and poultry farmers the following incentives are in place under the TAMS 11 Scheme :
– 40% for standard farmers under Pig and Poultry Investment Scheme (PPIS).

For young farmer in every sector there is the following incentives :
– 60% for young farmers under the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme (YFCIS).
For home owners the installation of solar PV is covered under Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) where the home owner will get tax credits to the value of 13.5% of the total cost of the project. See link

For further information on Solar Panel Grants fill in the contact form or call us directly on 01 893 4179 or 44 (0) 28 8283 1022.

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