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solar panel maintenance
solar pv maintenance

Do you know if your Solar PV  Panels are working to there maximum efficiency? 

Have you noticed your ROC reading is down from previous years? 

Then maybe it is time your Solar PV system received a health check? 

Solar PV is proven to be one of the most reliable of the renewable technologies but like most technologies they still require maintenance to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

We advise that all solar panel systems are checked annually to spot any problems early on and ensure your system is performing to 100%. 

Solar PV maintenance package

We can offer you a competitive maintenance package where our engineers will check if your solar system is working at its best and provide advice on what remedial action if it is not. Grime and dirt can build up on the panels and can reduce the amount of electricity your system will generate, reducing the performance and ultimately a negative effect to your financial return.

Regular health checks of your solar panel system will identify if your system is under performing, our engineers will give you a full maintenance report which details any necessary repairs. If your system needs any repairs or replacements, we will provide you with a cost for any further work required.  

Package 1

  • Visual Inspection
  • Testing of the PV electrics
    (inverter, cables and connections) 
  • On Roof Inspection 
  • Clean Panels

Package 2

  • On Roof Inspection 
  • Clean Panels
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Irish solar energy association (ISEA)